Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unanswered Questions

I have decided that I love giving report to other ER nurses and not so much to other nurses.  The biggest difference is that an ER nurse only wants to know a few things like, "Is the patient pink, breathing, oriented?", "What do I need to do for the patient now?"  I don't get the questions like "Which arm is the IV in?", "Why didn't the Dr order (insert completely inappropriate test here)?", and my personal favorite..."Did you fax the report up already because I can't take report until the actual paper is in front of me that tells me the exact same thing that you are going to relay to me word for word over the phone".  Sometimes I get really lucky and give report to a person who works on the med/surg or cardiac floor that is really an ER nurse at heart.  I love that. 

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